Avondale Slí na Sláinte 
sli na slainte
The Irish Heart Foundation is delighted to announce the upgrade of the Avondale Slí na Sláinte with fresh new slí signs in partnership with Coillte. The Avondale Slí na Sláinte walking route is 2.8km and begins at Avondale House and from there you will pass through a grass terrain and forest track along the route. Comfortable and waterproof footwear is recommended for this walk. The route is rich with historic views and you will also encounter mixed woodland including broadleaved species like beech and oak and conifer species like Sitka spruce, Douglas fir, larches and pines. An ideal woodland walk!
Edel Byrne, Slí na Sláinte co-ordinator with the Irish Heart Foundation said: “Our Slí na Sláinte routes are designed to provide safe, accessible and enjoyable walking routes for all ages and abilities. You’ll find Slí na Sláinte routes in every county in Ireland with a total of 5 Slí routes in Wicklow, in urban as well as rural settings. Each route is marked at 1km intervals so you know how far you’ve travelled and the beauty is that you can start and finish wherever you want. Remember no-one’s keeping score. You set your own pace and your own distance and it all contributes to your daily 30 minutes of moderate exercise.”
Many people do not realise that physical inactivity carries the same risk as smoking, raised cholesterol and high blood pressure. Brisk walking can help reduce the risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes and stroke. People who are moderately active – such as walking for 30 minutes at a brisk pace – have a 27% lower risk of stroke than those who are not active.
The Irish Heart Foundation recommends at least 30 minutes of physical activity 5 days of the week. The good news is it doesn’t have to be all at the same time – three brisk 10 minute walks and you are winning! Why not try the Slí Challenge and get started today, it’s a great motivator and all you need to do is, keep a record of the date and distance very time you walk. Clock up 500 km and you’ll be entitled to an attractive silver Slí pin. Walk 1,000 km and we’ll turn it into gold!
Slí na Sláinte, meaning "Path to Health", is a simple innovative scheme developed by the Irish Heart Foundation to encourage people of all ages and abilities to walk for leisure and good health.

It uses attractive signage at kilometre intervals on established walking routes to help walkers identify the distance they walk. Slí na Sláinte is designed to encourage people to walk more frequently and to enjoy the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.

Over 170 Slí na Sláinte walking routes nationwide have been developed in partnership with local communities, Sports Partnerships, the HSE, Walking Leaders, Tidy Towns Committees and workplaces. With more and more Slí na Sláinte routes being developed and installed all over the country, you will most likely find a Slí na Sláinte route near you.
The Irish Heart Foundation also provide Walking Leader Training courses at a nominal fee  to those who wish set up a walking group and promote waling within their community or workplace. Courses are held up to 6 times a year.  
If you would like further information on Slí na Sláinte or Walking Leader Training  please contact the Irish Heart Foundation at 01-6685001 or check out or website at www.irishheart.ie/sli   
For further information on Slí na Sláinte routes in your area or to order your Slí Challenge card contact: Edel Byrne Slí na Sláinte National Coordinator at the Irish Heart Foundation: 01-6685001 ebyrne@irishheart.ie Or see www.irishheart.ie/sli